I have been always passionate about photography. In spite of a successful career as a make-up artist, I knew from the very first moment I had my first camera that I wanted to be a photographer too. Combining these two different professions is not easy at all, but they make me feel complete.


As a makeup artist, I like to experiment, try new techniques and products, and go beyond the conventions. My aim is to find new ways of expressing beauty. As a photographer, apart of doing commercial work (mostly beauty and fashion), I have been always interested in exploring the male body, working with human sexuality and challenging gender boundaries.


On this website you can see my work as a make-up artist and as a photographer, or a combination of both: beauty, a little bit of fashion, some celebrity portraits and male nudes. For other commercial work you can visit my Facebook page or check Tumblr for more male nude photography.


If you want to share some ideas, give feedback, collaborate or even pose for me, send me a message.

Thanks for checking my site.


Andy Dyo